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Q: Dateable or Datable?

To have a certain set of qualities (usually appearance) to be attractive enough to others.

I have a several questions:
1. this is the title of this post
2. Stems from the 1st answer how could I say - dateability or datability?
3. I can have a set of particular qualities / characteristics / traits / peculiarities / features ? And which words are wrong and which ones are right in this context, the range is wide enough.
4. did I start the sentence correctly? "To have a certain..."
A: Dateable means having those attractive qualities. Confident people are often considered more dateable than shy people.

Datable means you can put a date/an age to an object. This dinosaur jaw is datable to the Jurassic era, for example.

1. This is not a question. ???

2. Yes, you can use both, in relation to my answer above.

3. Particular qualities, characteristics, attributes, features - all are fine.

I would tend to use ‘qualities’ when talking about whether someone is dateable - usually aspects of their personality, but yes, it can include appearance too.

‘Features’ is used more for parts of the face, in this context. He has fine features, or her eyes are her best feature. But you can also say ‘her generosity is her best feature’, for example, but it would be more usual to say characteristic in that context.

‘Traits’ is a more medical/psychological/genetic kind of term, which I would avoid. This person has inherited the ginger trait from both parents.

‘Peculiarities’ is about peculiar, strange, unusual aspects of a person or thing. I wouldn’t use that unless you’re talking about strange behaviour that might be less attractive, or only attractive to someone with unusual preferences.

‘Attributes’ is also a bit clinical/technical and if used in this context, can sometimes sound a bit objectifying.

4. Having a certain… would be better.

Also ‘to be attractive to others’ is better than ‘attractive enough’.

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