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Q: Daruma is a famous doll among Japanese people. The model is a great ancient Buddhist priest who lived in 1,500 years ago. The doll has a round shape wears a red jacket. As the doll also has the center gravity of down, the doll can get up immediately when he is fallen down. We consider the doll as a lucky charm. You can see the doll often at an Election Day. Every candidate has the doll and if the candidate wins the election, he(she) paints the doll’s eye balls for the commemoration of the winning. soa natural?
A: Thank you for your feedback as always. Your corrections are very helpful.
Q: "Daruma doll is something your can make a wish on for your win. Firstly, paint a black eyeball on the left. If you make it, paint the right, too."
soa natural?
A: どうも ありがとうございました。
Q: What is Daruma?

A ‘Daruma’ is a kind of doll, which is legless, armless, and neckless. It is usually made from wood, plastic, stone or paper.
The doll symbolizes the spirit of never giving up because it is rounded and has weighted base, so it always roll back upright.
Shop owners, students, and politicians often buy the doll and pray for their success.
The name comes from the Indian Buddhist priest Boddhidharma. soa natural?
A: sounds natural, that’s really interesting.
Q: Daruma is a doll for making your dream come true. When you wish, draw one eye. When your prayer is answered, draw another eye. soa natural?
A: I've heard of this! :) I would make some small suggestions: "When you make a wish, draw one eye. When your prayer is answered, draw the other eye."

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