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Q: O que significa He's trying to stave off his creditors.?
A: stave off = temporarily stop or delay someone; weakly try to avoid something
creditors = people who loaned money to someone, or businesses who are waiting to be paid by their customers

He owes money to people, and he is delaying paying them back.
Q: O que significa the creditors issue AN ULTIMATUM?
A: Ultimatum: a demand that you do something, with a threat of punishment if you don't do it.
- if the creditors are issuing an ultimatum, they are probably telling the debtors that they better pay them back now or they will be punished.
Q: O que significa two other creditors the rest?
A: It means "two other creditors took the rest of the money".

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre creditor e debtor ?
A: Creditor - Lends money to the debtor
Debtor - Owes money to the creditor
Q: Qual é a diferença entre creditors e debtors ?
A: creditor is a person to whom you owe something, debtor is a person who owes you something.

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