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Q: O que significa Count up?
A: It means you are moving up numbers (increasing your amount) as you add more numbers to the ones you already have.

For example, one might be "counting up the quarters" at a cash register. Typically, we just use the word "counting" or "count", not "count up", because we only say that in speech to give someone a request. Like "make sure to count up the numbers. Then divide them".
Q: O que significa Count me in too?
A: it means that someone wants to be apart of something
Boy: hey, I’m going to the mall later with some friends.
Girl: count me in too.
Q: O que significa 30 Count?
A: That phrase is only printed on packages. Nobody says it. You'd say "the 30-pack."
Q: O que significa Count me in, I'll be there.?
A: Count me in = include me, I'm going too.
Q: O que significa Count me out?
A: It means to leave me out.
Eg. Count me out of the party.
It meant to leave me out of the party /you are not interested in the party

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com Count me in .
A: 1. A: Does anyone want to go to the beach?
B: I do. Count me in!
2. Can you count me in for the school trip next week?
3. I cleared my schedule for your party tomorrow so count me in.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre Count for e Account for ?
A: -You have to account for the unknown/you have to account for unexpected things when you plan an event. (Take into account)
-When you buy a car or a house you have to take into account depreciation/you have to account for depreciation.
-I didn’t account for rain. (I didn’t take into consideration the rain)

Count for... I’m not sure if this is a phrasal verb. I know “count on” means to trust. For example: you can count on me to get the job done/finish the job!
Q: Qual é a diferença entre Count e Can't e cunt ?
A: To count something is to work out the amount of something.
Can't is to not be able to do something.
Cunt is a very rude and offensive name to call someone. Please don't use it :)

Translations of "Count"

Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? Count down
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? Count down
A: countdown
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (RU)? Count on me
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Por favor, mostra-me como pronunciar Count on .
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Count yourself lucky soa natural?
A: It is better to say "consider yourself lucky" since "count yourself lucky" changes the meaning of the phrase and the expression itself
Q: Count us in! soa natural?
A: Yes, so long as there's more than 1 person, you can say "count us in"
Q: Count up to 10 from 0.
Count down to 0 from 10. soa natural?
A: Count up from 0 to 10
Count down from 10 to 0
Q: Count down is on. soa natural?
A: Usually, a person would say "The countdown is on." or "The countdown has begun."

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