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Q: O que significa In the clearing lay the badly injured soldier, above whom birds of prey were circling?¿ O què expresa esta frase?
A: Este es un fraseo poético o artístico, no es un lenguaje diario. Pero significa que el soldado estaba acostado en un claro con pájaros dando vueltas por encima
Q: O que significa clearing the cheque?
A: When you write a cheque and give it to someone, he takes it to his bank and cashes it. Then his bank sends the cheque to your bank and, if you have the money in your account, the cheque clears. (Nowadays, this is usually done electronically.) Of course, if you don't have enough money in your account, the cheque doesn't clear, it "bounces".
Q: O que significa Without clearing it through me ?
A: @heycarlosreyes: Withiut making sure I was ok with it (getting my permission)

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com Here to start clearing up means what!??.
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre I was clearing up some doubts e I was answering some questions ?
A: they're worded differently but they still convey the same meaning, i can't really picture any situation in which they would differ much... maybe the former can be used when questions weren't directly made but that's really circumstantial
Q: Qual é a diferença entre clearing out e cleaning up ?
A: clearing out usually involves throwing something out. If I say I will clear out my drawers it implies I’ll go through my stuff and throw anything I don’t need.

Cleaning up just means cleaning and it can be anything like hoovering, wiping, etc.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre clearing e cleansing ?
A: You can clear a table (remove all dishes and utensils).

Cleansing is cleaning from spills, germs, and so on. Hope that helps.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre "clearing up" e "clearing out" ?
A: clear up = become clear, or resolve a misunderstanding

clear out = remove many things from an area

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Q: I’m struggling with clearing the new game.
soa natural?
A: × I’m struggling with clearing the new game.
✓ I’m struggling with completing the new game.

I assume "clearing" here means beating, finishing, completing,
Q: I'm almost giving up on clearing this game. soa natural?
A: it works, but clearing wouldn’t be the best word. Instead I would say, “I’m almost giving up on completing this game”.
Q: What mean "clearing is a action" and why "mustn't" and not "shouldn't"?
A: @MarcosC: Must is a lot stronger than should. If a sign says "You must be 120cm to ride this ride" it means that if you're 110cm you won't be able to ride it. If it says "you should be 120cm" it means it's better for you to be 120cm but if you're 110 it doesn't matter. So it's just stressing how important it is that you don't compare yourself to others.
Q: Thank you for clearing that up soa natural?
A: it means explaining / making it clear .....
Q: What does "clearing path" in line 56 and "extra-crispies" in line 58 mean?
A: To clear a path is to open up an area for something to come through. Literally, it means to cut away at plants and other things to make a path. Here, I think they're saying the criminals are opening up some part of the country for more criminal activity to begin.

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