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Q: O que significa I am from Busan south Korea China. but live in Afghanistan?
A: It means that the person is from South Korea, they were born there but they now currently live in Afghanistan
Q: O que significa Now going to Busan

Feel free to stay with you
if you don't meet and
restrain each other
are you wise

ลองแปลดูแล้วแต่ก็ยังงงๆ ช่วยหน่อยครับ 🙏🏻?
A: It doesn't make sense, sorry.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre I was traveling to Busan. e I was on the trip to Busan. ?
A: They both mean the same,

1) I was traveling to Busan > means you were going to Busan

2) I was on a trip to Busan > means you went to Busan (but you’re not there anymore)

I hope that makes sense 😅
Q: Qual é a diferença entre A: I have been to Busan about 20 years ago. e B: I went to Busan about 20 years ago. ?
A: It is better to use:
a. I was in Busan about 20 years ago.
b. I visited Busan about 20 years ago

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? Which one is more natural? (Busan is city name.)

Library of Busan
Library in Busan
Library at Busan
Busan library
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? How can I adopt the Busan and Daegu accent..?
A: you could say "How can I adopt the busan and Daegu accent?"

but the sentence that you posted can be used also.
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? 저는 부산에 살아서 서울은 잘 몰라요. I am living in Busan so I don't know about Seoul well.
A: I would say maybe "I am living in Busan so I don't know very much about seoul" sounds a little better.
Besides that yeah your sentence is very good!

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Q: A) Busan is located in south eastern Korea. 

B) Busan is located in the southeast of Korea.

C) Busan is located in the southeastern part of Korea. 

D) Busan is located in the southeast region of Korea. 
soa natural?
A: "A" is off because it needs "the" and "part". The rest are all natural and can be used in conversation. No difference between them. If you want to be more causal you can remove "located". You can also remove "Korea" if the listener already knows you are talking about Korea.

So the most casual way would be...
"Busan is in the south east"


1) The suffix "ern" is used with South, North, East, West to give the general location, not specific. So if south is on your right, southern means anywhere to your right between east and west.
2) The cardinal directions (South, North, East, West) become an adjective when you add the suffix "ern".

Please ask if you have more questions.

Can you answer my question?
If you want to go to Busan, you should take KTX at Seoul Station.

 KTX is an abbreviation of Korea Train Express.
soa natural?
A: exactly! ☺️
Q: I triped to Busan from last Monday to Wednesday with some of my french friends who has visited Seoul. soa natural?
A: There's no real difference. If you want to say that your friends are still in Seoul, you can say "with my friends who are visiting Seoul"
Q: Which one is most natural?

1. We are going to Busan.
2. We are heading for Busan.
3. We are moving from Seoul to Busan.

soa natural?
A: #3 means that you're are moving (as in you will no longer live in Seoul), while#1 just means you're going there for a visit.
Q: I'm in Busan again by a train early in morning. soa natural?
A: or you can say = I took the early train to Busan this morning

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