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Q: O que significa Bookcase?
A: Es un Librero

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre Bookcase e Library ?
A: Bookcase

a piece of furniture with shelves to put books on


But a half-open panel in the wall showed a bookcase crowded with books.

But there was Lady Rose turning round from the bookcase as they came in.

He noticed her eyeing the book, and got up to put it back in the bookcase.

In a small dining-room where space is limited, a set of shelves like a single bookcase is useful.

Some water-color drawings were pinned against the walls, and a well-filled bookcase stood in a recess beside the fireplace.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre Bookcase e Bookshelf ?
A: I think they get used to mean the same thing, but I usually say bookcase to mean the entire thing, and bookshelf to mean books on 1 specific shelf.

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Q: Bookcase = bookshelf?
A: A bookcase is the actual piece of furniture that holds the shelves. A bookshelf is one of these shelves.

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