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Q: O que significa "drunkenly berate " in "And then you decided to drunkenly berate the director?"?
A: This basicly means to assault or attack someone in a drunken state.
Q: O que significa berate ?
A: criticise
Q: O que significa berate?
A: scold or criticize
Q: O que significa berate?
A: It's like angry scolding.

"The teacher berated me and made me do twenty push-ups in front of the whole class."

Example sentences using "Berate"

Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com 'berate'.
A: "My boss berated me because I made a mistake."

"You didn't have to berate me after I already apologized for forgetting to pick up the milk at the store!"

"His supervisor berates him all the time. What a jerk."

"The wife berates him every time he doesn't pay attention to what she is saying."
Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com berate ( Is this used for adalts? ).
A: "I berated him for being ignorant."
"He berates poor people."
"I berate people who are rude."

"Berate" is another word for "Insult". And yes it's used for adults. :)

Synonyms of "Berate" and their differences

Q: Qual é a diferença entre to berate someone e to snap at someone ?
A: Berate means to abuse (through harsh words) someone over a long period of time (persistently/strong force). For example, I love getting berated about my love life by my relatives every Thanksgiving. A synonym might be “beat down on” and this is also used literally, for example: the walls were berated by the heavy winds and the storm surge produced by the hurricane for nearly 24 consecutive hours.

Snap at someone is different in meaning to berate someone in the sense that it is much shorter (like the person lost their composure and yelled/freaked out at you) The actual verb “snap” just implies the act of losing composure and changing emotion drastically and suddenly. For example, we were just playing uno and someone said shut up and he snapped. It turns out that that’s a trigger for him, just no one knew it at the time.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre berate e reprimand e rebuke e scold ?
A: The word rebuke can be a verb, meaning to sternly reprimand or scold, but it can also be a noun, because a rebuke is the result of being scolded. ... A rebuke, then, is meant to be critical and to chide — in today's terms, a rebuke is verbal smack-down!

Rebuke is basically a scolding of a higher intensity. You can rebuke pretty much anyone (if you're audacious enough). Reprimand is used when you formally rebuke someone. It might be your employee, an apprentice, your colleague, anyone with whom you share formal connections (and reprimand him in a formal manner).
Q: Qual é a diferença entre berate e rebuke e scold ?
A: scold = parent to child (not always, but it has a feel of talking down to someone) "My Dad scolded me for skipping school"

rebuke = a sharp or agressive reply; "His wife started crying after his crass rebuke", can also be a verb

berate = the person doing the berating is a little crazy maybe; "Trump berated the reporter who dared to ask a tough question".

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