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Q: O que significa beacon?
A: A beacon is a tall (pole, light) tower that is meant for guidance or landmarking. A lighthouse at the coast of the ocean is the most common example of this.
Q: O que significa It's a homing beacon of death.?
Thank you so much!

When I read your comment, I realized my mistake.
I thought beacon was bacon, so I was confused.
Q: O que significa beacon ?
A: Beacons has two meanings 1. It is a food 2. A beacon is an object used for alerting something or someone
Q: O que significa "beacon of light"?
A: Do you know the expression "the light in the darkness?" That's kind of what it means. Like, "a point of positivity."

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com beacon .
A: There was a beacon of light in the sky.
I placed a beacon so I could find my way if I become lost.
She was a beacon during the sad times.

Beacon: a guide when you are lost, or a strong beam of light.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre beacon e lighthouse ?
A: A beacon is any light in the darkness that helps people know where a point is. eg "We lit beacons on the hillside to celebrate the new year". The word means to welcome. A lighthouse is a type of beacon, designed to tell ships to stay away from rocks, using stone towers and a revolving electric lamp.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre beacon e lighthouse ?
A: Beacon is a bright light that signals a location or a route to follow
A lighthouse is specifically a beacon for coastal shipping or boatd

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Q: He is a beacon of a hardworking man.

Please, is it correct?
A: You could use, 'He is a very hardworking man' or if you want to emphasise that he is the best of hardworking men, you could say, 'He is the prime/perfect example of a hardworking man'.
Q: The beacon tower of the Great Wall was used for early warning system. The army set fire to warn that the enemies are coming. soa natural?
A: The beacon tower of the Great Wall was used for an early warning system. The army set fires to warn that the enemies were coming.
Q: Definitely I just you know I just want to be a beacon of light for people
A: Yes, that is correct, but you should use commas (,). "Definitely, I just, you know, I just want to be a beacon of light for people."
Q: "To those who have trespassed where they do not belong, the beacon of light is your warning song. Your eyes shall not see, all shall be dark, until Ra completes his blazing arc." soa natural?
A: Certainly people wouldn't say this in conversation, but it sounds nice poetically.

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