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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com "even angrier".
A: thank you so much, very usefull. 🙏

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Q: What is right?
a) angrier
b) more angry
c) both
A: Angrier
Q: She was angrier than he soa natural?
A: Yes, if you where to use more angry than you would have to say,
"She was more angrier than him."
Q: Correct?
The angrier one was...
A: The one who is angrier was...
I think this is more natural.
Q: I could never be angrier! soa natural?
A: It doesn't sound wrong, but most English speakers would say "I couldn't be angrier" or "I don't think I could be any angrier". If you're saying this is the most angry you have ever been in your life, then "I have never been this angry"
Q: he is getting angry
he is getting angrier

it is getting hot
it is getting hotter

Do both have the same mean?
A: The angrier and hotter means it's getting more than it was before, if that makes sense.

"He's getting angry"- he wasn't angry before, but he is now. "He's getting angrier"- he was angry but he's getting more angry than he was.

"It is getting hot"- it's starting to get hot where it wasn't before.
"It's getting hotter"- it's getting hotter than it was before.

I'm sorry if this was confusing, I hope it helped!😊

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